What we do

Vocational Training2

Our main activity is vocatinal training in traditional basket weaving and craft-making.

All of our members are provided with a comprehensive training and with raw materials to begin their work. Upon completion, they are paid an above-average market price for each product. Completed items are sold both locally, in our gallery, and internationally. The remaining profit is used to support the running of the organization, to purchase raw materials, and for member transport fees. Our accounting is run transparently and is available for inspection at any time. 

At our headquarters in Kigali, we provide weekly English classes for our members. Classes are led both by local and international volunteers. Students are divided into three groups according to their proficiency. First group currently consists of two students who have not had any formal education and are learning to write and read both in English and Kinyarwanda. Our intermediate class has four members who have a basic knowledge of English and work on improving their vocabulary. Our advanced group has three members and focuses on practicing conversation skills and improving their grammar.

Language Classes2

Theatre is an important part of our art therapy. Our theatre group Inshuti performed at this year’s Ubumuntu Arts Festival. Our mission was to share the message that disability is not an inability, and that love and friendship overcomes all.

Some of our members have children and we work to identify sponsors to cover their school fees. Currently, we help to support five children and hoping to support many more in the future.

Life skills

Our volunteers are nurses from local universities who come and teach about reproductive health and family planning.