Our team


PETR  KOČNAR   founder and CEO

Petr Kočnar is a young professional with an art background and a passion for equality. Originally from the Czech Republic, he previously worked in London as a retail manager, and in Nairobi, running educational programs for children on eco-farming. Petr believes that disability is not an inability, and works toward equal opportunities for handicapped people. Petr has taken classes in mental health care, patient manual handling and first aid, and is a certified massage therapist. In his spare time, he loves travelling and photography.



IRADUKUNDA STEVEN  vice-president

Steven is a Rwandan professional with a background in special needs education. He has previously worked at a school for children with mental disability in Kigali, and has completed extensive training for the management and care of special needs children. He met Petr at one of these trainings and the two immediately found common ground. Steven is very passionate about helping disabled individuals, and fights to lift the disability stigma that is still so pervasive in Rwanda. In his free time, Steven loves to hike, play sports, read and socialize.



Placide is our volunteer teacher. He joined us in July 2016 and teaches basic English as well as reading and writing for those who had no formal education. Placide performed various other jobs before his passion for helping others brought him to us. He says that TTA is like a family to him now. In his free time, he goes to church, reads books and watches tv series. He loves serving his country and participating in Umuganda.



Doxa is Petr's neighbour which is how he found out about the organization. He loved the fact that we are helping locals and offered to start teaching our members English. Him and his brothers grew up orphaned and he has been taking care of them. Helping others is like second nature to him. While he was studying, he created and led a group that was helping patients of a local hospital during Umuganda. He also volunteered at a refugee camp. Doxa now has his own business making shoes and sandals and in his spare time, he helps at our organization. He loves art and music.



Honorine was one of the women we approached in the Southern province and soon proved to be a reliable and respected partner. We have therefore decided to put her in charge of the operation in Kabgayi and make her an area manager. She started weaving traditional baskets at the age of fifteen and is an experienced weaver now. She loves watching movies and listening to music.